Nickk Hertzog



2014-17  Doctor of Philosophy (Visual Art), VCA, The University of Melbourne.

This title: “Contingent Meanings: Reframing Appropriation in Contemporary Video Installation”


2011-13  Master of Fine Art , Monash University.

Thesis title: “Vandalism: Contextual Disruption as a Site for Cultural Production”


2010-11  Bachelor of Fine Art (Honours, First Class), Monash University.

2007-10  Bachelor of Fine Art (Painting), Monash University.




2017- Prayers, West Projection Festival, Melbourne VIC.

2017- Unhidden, (Group Show) Counihan Gallery, Melbourne, VIC

2017- Decomposing Contingencies, Margaret Lawrence Gallery, Melbourne VIC

2016-17- Melbourne Central Art Loop: Series Two, Issues of Today, (Group Show) MARS Gallery at Melbourne Central Art Loop, Melbourne, VIC

2016- Out There, Rubicon, Melbourne, VIC

2015- Poor Old Horse, Blackspace, Melbourne ,VIC

2014- Concrete Terra, The Front, Melbourne, VIC

2013- Precarious Games, Chanel G TV, West Space, Melbourne, VIC

2013- Nobodies Fault but Mine, The Projects, Melbourne, VIC

2012- Constructing Comfort, Seventh, Melbourne, VIC

2012- Substation Contemporary Art Prize, Substation, Newport, VIC, (as ACAB Collective)

2012- Brisbane Festival's Under the Radar Program, Metro Arts, Brisbane CBD, QLD, (as ACAB Collective)

2012- The Rave Cave With Live Performance, At the Vanishing Point Contemporary Art Inc,

Newtown, NSW, (as ACAB Collective)

2012- Fauxtopia, exURBAN Screens Festival, Frankston City Council, Frankston CBD, VIC, (as ACAB Collective)

2012- The Rave Cave of Psychotropic Nightmares, Kings ARI, Melbourne, VIC, (as

ACAB Collective)

2011-12 – Blindside Summer Studio, Blindside, Melbourne, VIC (With Ben Johanson)

2011- (dis-)array, Light Projects, Northcote, VIC & Academy of Visual Art , Leipzig, Germany.

2011- The Mind of Itself and the World, Light Projects, Northcote, VIC

2010- Collapsing Conditions, Alliance Française, St. Kilda, VIC